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Benefits of attending a Home Buying Seminar

Buying your first home is exciting but you will quickly find out it can also be daunting and confusing. Even with all the information available online and research, understanding the process can be overwhelming.

Homebuying doesn’t need to be the complicated task that it seems. There are several steps required from finding a house to getting approved for a mortgage to closing and taking possession. Rather than feeling intimidated by the steps required to purchase a home, consider taking a class designed to help educate home buyers and feel more comfortable.

Who should attend a Home Buying Seminar?

First time home buyers will find these classes very informative. If it has been a while since you purchased a home attending a seminar is a great refresher. However, anyone can attend and learn beneficial information related to buying a home.

When Should You Take a Home Buying Seminar?

Attending a Home Buying Class should be one of the very first steps in your home buying journey.

Before you even start looking for a home you need to prepare yourself with as much information as possible so you will know what to look for and what questions to ask.

What You Should Know About Credit?

Our classes start with the basics and nothing is more basic than knowing your credit score history. After all, this information will determine what type of mortgage loan you will qualify for and the rate you will receive. If you have a less desirable score then you may need additional time to make improvements in order to be qualified. has a specialized real estate program to help with just that, the Credit Enhancement Program. Our team works with clients specifically to improve their scores so they can get approved for a home loan.

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

Having a skilled professional when making such a large investment is an invaluable tool. A real estate agent can help save you time and money with their extensive knowledge of the industry.

There are also many contracts and laws that are involved when purchasing a property and could cost you even more in the long run if you make a mistake.

Securing a Mortgage

Many find obtaining a mortgage is the most stressful part of home buying. In our seminar, we cover the importance of getting pre-approved. That will help establish your budget and options for buying a home.

Shopping around is perfectly acceptable because different lenders have different home buying programs. You will need to select the best option for you.

We highly recommend our in-house financing company Motto Mortgage Borrowers First. They are a wholesale lender which generally offers better rates than retail brokers.

Other a few other topics that are mentioned include: current market trends, real estate programs, veteran home buyers, types of home loans, types of credit, and how credit is calculated. has Home Buying seminars on a regular basis. Classes are held in our corporate office and our Mid Atlantic Home Buyers can attend remotely through Zoom. These are live sessions and tailored to those in attendance. Interaction and questions are also encouraged during the class. We would love for you to join us!

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